CAA-certified, safe and insured drone services for every application

FlyingCrow’s drone services serve the industries of Filming, Agriculture, Surveying, Insurance, Infrastructure Development, Real Estate and Media and offer a range of services to suit these needs. This includes ground and aerial stills photography and video, together with corporate profiling and media assistance.

We comply with all mandated South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA)  certifications and requirements so your business can legally and safely take to the skies.

  • Agriculture: Multispectral NDVI mapping to measure crop health, irrigation efficiency and water stress, refine fertilisation, optimise pesticide input, estimate crop yield, obtain per-tree data, and optimise insurance risk.
  • Surveying: Visual maps, 3D models, volumetrics and elevation.
  • Insurance: Visual aerial site inspection to assist with damage assessment.
  • Infrastructure and construction: Visual inspection of buildings, bridges, roofs, towers and other infrastructure.
  • Real estate: Photography and videography, interior and exterior.
  • Filming, media and other services: Talk to us about your needs in other fields to determine whether our drone services could address your specific requirements for videography and photography.
  • The corporate ‘big picture’ and corporate profiling: Present your business, services and products to clients, suppliers and staff with an image bank of unique, distinctive and authentic visuals. We specialise in capturing both ground and drone photographic stills and video that is truly representative of your company and its people. Keep historic record of your assets over time, developments in progress and have an arsenal of media and marketing material at your disposal. Convey visually rich, compelling stories with images and video that are meaningful and connect with your intended audience. From brochures, flyers and newsletters as well as content marketing and YouTube video posts, we create consistent, real-world impact providing you with your own business image library of brand photography and video to profile your business.
  • Let us assist: If you require a drone service we cannot provide, we know someone who can. We are part of a network of pilots and operators countrywide who all specialise in various fields and services.